Contentment Series

My One Word Series

I came across My One Word in various places on the internet as a substitute or replacement for new years resolutions. Resolutions never sat well with me therefore I looked into selecting My One Word for 2012. Stephanie at UpLifting Words started a One Word meme – so we could share weekly about what we have learned.  I selected Contentment as my word and am resolved to let the good Lord do a good work in me. I truly want to live a contented life in Christ. 2012 is an exciting year!

My One Word: Contentment – Introduction Week 1

Godly Contentment – Week 2

From Anger to Contentment – Week 3

From Impatience to Contentment – Week 4

Contentment: What Happens When Plans Fall Short – Week 5

Contentment: Balance of Body, Mind and Spirit – Week 6

Contentment: When the Storm Passes – Week 7

True Contentment Requires Trust – Week 8

Contentment: Is It Well With My Soul– Week 9

Contentment: Forgiveness is Not an Option – Week 10

Contentment: Is Jesus Your Last Resort? – Week 11

Contentment: What Did I Just Say? – Week 12

Contentment: “Father, I Ask For and Receive Grace For This Day, Amen” – Week 13

Contentment: When Life Throws You a Curve Ball – Week 14

Contentment: A Healing Process – Week 15

Contentment: In Good Times and Bad Times – Week 16

Contentment: A Spiritual Cleansing – Week 17