Top 5 Uses of Frankincense Essential Oil (4)

 Frankincense essential oil is not only limited to be used as fragrance or incense for church-related activities, but it boasts therapeutic and healing properties too. This essential oil is primarily extracted from the leaves, stems, and roots of the Bosweilla tree.

Traditionally used as an excellent aromatherapy ingredient, its relevance in the wellness world has far expended through the centuries.  There are three ways on how to use frankincense:

  • mixed with a carrier such as in the case of jojoba oil or unscented body creams
  • inhaling the aroma from diffused frankincense essential oil
  • direct, topical application on the skin

The uniquely pleasant aroma of frankincense reaches the limbic system in the brain, which then influences nervous system functioning.

  • Fast healing of wounds, scars, burns, and scrapes

When combined with lavender essential oil, frankincense boasts antiseptic action that speeds up the healing of open wounds, burns, and scrapes.

  • Boost the efficacy of other essential oils

Frankincense is beneficial by itself and plays an excellent role of further enhancing the efficacy and absorption of other essential oils. Its innate compounds are known to intensify the benefits of other natural oils and even increase its rate of absorption into the skin.

  • Scar eraser

Once the wounds, cuts, and abrasions have healed, you should continue the application of frankincense essential oil as it reduces the development of scars. For older scars on the other hand, the application of frankincense oil significantly reduces the appearance of unsightly scars until they fade with regular use.

  • Sleeplessness remedy

Just life lavender essential oil, frankincense essential oil has calming and soothing effects that are helpful among those suffering from insomnia or abnormal sleeping patterns. The aromatic properties of this essential oil slow down the breathing rate and reduce feelings of anxiety and stress too.

  • Natural gout remedy

When used in combination with a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil, frankincense oil can relieve the painful symptoms of gout. This remedy works best during gout flare-ups as it efficiently gets rid of pain in as fast as three days!

  • Improved vision

Based in numerous studies that focus on the unusual, but potent benefits of frankincense oil, it was revealed that it can improve overall vision too. Those who suffer from glaucoma will be delighted to note that studies point to its efficacy in slowing down the loss of vision with daily application along the optical bone and surrounding areas.